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Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research
(Special Milk Quality Conference Issue)

Volume 52, No. 2, 2013 of the Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research is now available here on the Teagasc website. This issue of the IJAFR is devoted to the proceedings of a milk quality conference held in December 2013. The conference programme focused on the importance of milk quality for dairy products, bacterial quality of milk, occurrence of residues in milk and reducing somatic cell count of milk. All papers in this issue have been subjected to the normal peer review and editing process. See contents below:


Date published: December 18th, 2013

Moorepark Milk Quality Conference 2013

Date: December 04, 2013.

Location: Horse and Jockey Hotel, Thurles, Co. Tipperary



Volume 52 No. 2 of The Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research is dedicated to the presentations from the conference. This issue of the Journal is now available with details above.

How to make sense of your milking machine test report

Here is Tom Ryan's latest article on test reports that is published in the present issue of Today's Farm. The present issues of Today's Farm are available on Teagasc's own website Here.
Test Reports Click here to veiw article.

Maintaining Standards

Please find below a research artical on cross-disciplinary team of Teagasc researchers are tackling the challenge of producing premium quality milk at increased quantities.Maintaining Standards Click here to veiw article.

Teagasc End of project reports

On farm Factors influencing the Chemical Quality of Milk for Processing. Article

In addition to this, many end of project reports can be found on Teagasc's own website Here.

Infection Control Methods to Reduce SCC & Mastitis

A briefing pack on Cell Checking, by

The Briefing Pack. Article

Conference Documentation

This section below contains presentation documantation from the Teagasc conference on the 24th of March 2011.

1. Tackling SCC: The Irish position and recent work. A presentation by Finola Mc Coy.
The Presentation. Article

2. Flukicides in Irish Dairy Herds.
The Presentation. Article

3. A "Detergent update" presentation by David Gleeson.
The Presentation. Article

4. A presentation on "Milk somatic cell count" (SCC) - and implications for cheese manufacture. by B. O’Brien and T. Guinee.
The Presentation. Article

Infection Control Methods to Reduce SCC & Mastitis

An article by Jane McGorman, Teagasc, Monaghan.

The Article. Article

Today's Farm

The Articles from Today's Farm (January/February 2010 Edition), on Mastitis, and on Milking machine maintenance are available below:

1: Mantitis Article. Mastitis
2: Milking Machine Maintenance Article.Milking Machine Maintenance