Milk Quality Tools to assist farm standards

Quality can give Irish milk the competitive edge on world markets, so it is critical that the highest possible milk quality standards are achieved. Additionally, premium quality milk can boost a dairy producer’s income. New tools to assist milk quality standards on-farm have been recently made available by Teagasc and Animal Health Ireland (AHI). The series of video clips show critical stages of the milking process and herd care procedures, providing guidelines and recommendations for the production of high quality milk on-farm. The Teagasc series focuses on milking management (from cow herding for milking through to storage of milk on-farm) on both smaller and larger farms and on farms with adequate labour and those where technology can contribute. The AHI series focuses on the detail of specific procedures pertaining to milk quality, e.g. teat disinfection, drying-off procedures, changing liners, milking machine checks. Both of these user friendly tools will provide valuable information on all aspects of quality milk production but particularly, TBC, SCC and residues. These tools will also be of benefit to milk quality advisors, veterinarians, students and milking machine personnel. This series ‘On-farm Milk Quality video clips’ may be accessed at the Teagasc web address

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